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quinta-feira, 26 de março de 2015

Skake It In Black

Spring 2015.

By this time of the year I'm starting to plan my summer trip and therefore my wardrobe for those great days and nights.

But, well, is yet Spring time, and if I really enjoy being in color and patterns in summer, for this season I kinda enjoy wearing black. Black is black, and it will be always my favorite color to wear, no doubt.

When the sun comes up and start to shine and the days start to be more warmer, I really enjoy to wear black.

What about you?

Do you have a favorite color for Spring?

Well, whatever color you prefer, just wear it as long as you like :)

Fashion is about it, be yourself, doesn't matter what other people say, go for it.

Have a stunning day, everyone!

Lots of luv,


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terça-feira, 24 de março de 2015

Morning Secrets

I really enjoy to wake up early specially when the sun is up all ready and start my day.

What you do to get some energy early in the morning?

Well, one of my secrets, after a cool night of sleep, is a big cup of black coffee, sugar free.

It make me feel awake and start to prepare the day! 

Whatever you do to start very fresh your day, just do it. Find your own way to get energy and get busy! Don't spend the day without some magic, you can do it, trust me.

Life is full of surprises, when you think you're done. Something always come up and that's the sign to you to go for it.

Hope all of you have a great day and smile up!

Lots of luv to all,


segunda-feira, 23 de março de 2015

Monday Motivation

Because it's monday and after weekend we all need to be very positive and focus on our dreams and goals to face a new week with a smile!

Don't let that energy fade away and empower it to every day and night this week.

In the end, you will feel amazing and powerful to create and build your own destiny, your own adventure.

Be creative and positive, after all, you are fighting for your dreams and if you dream big, you have a big responsability.

Stay in touch with The World Shape blog to be positively inspired to smile :)

Lots of luv to all,