segunda-feira, 12 de junho de 2017

A Comet On Earth made us chameleons

To Bowie for the remarkable way he transformed us in chameleons


Like a comet
You reached Earth
With a never ending fire
Rising stardust among us
Unleashing never seeing beings.
Oh, my friend,
My lovely starman,
We feel you in our bonés,
Our mortal bodies
Danced in blue,
Red, green, yellow, Orange,
Golden dust & lust,
We loved the way you wanted,
Yes, we did,
Oh, my sweet starman,
You reached us,
You made us.
Then, like the invisible magic,
You left us, with no storm or thunder,
But with a broken heart.
We heal, we rise, we’re starmen,
You smile,

Oh, you smile.