segunda-feira, 26 de setembro de 2011

Moroccan Rose Eau de Toilette


     I use produts of The Body Shop for years, since my college days at University, really long time ago when i took my first degree.

     Two things caught my attention: first, fair commerce, the concern about the Planet, the non test on animals (cruelty free) and of course the very good quality of all produts.

     I've been experiment and using many of them, i almost wear everything from The Body Shop and feel good - i know i'm taking good care of my skin and being Nature and Animals friend :)

     The last one i'm really in love with it it's the Morocco Fragance - just love it! On a saturdary morning shopping with my boyfriend at the one of my favourites malls, i went to a store of Body Shop to buy some stuff i was needing and , well, just decided to try that fragance - it was magical!

     I defenitily have to have that and start wearing it everyday :D

     "A fresh and sophisticated rose fragrance that encapsulates the beauty and romance of spring. Combing fresh dewy rose, lemon oil, a hint of spice and warm vanilla with Moroccan Rose Oil."