sábado, 3 de março de 2012

Women's Business Wardrobe


"Hi, I'm Kim Johnson Gross and I'm here to show you how to dress smart in today's competitive workplace.

Whether you are an executive, an assistant, in retail or in sales, consider your clothes business tools that can impact your performance and your career. Always dress for the job you want. Assess your work environment. If you're in a creative environment, there's room for more personality in the way you dress. But creative does not mean sexy. Sexy is inappropriate in the workplace. Never let your clothes get in the way of your message.

Building your Business Wardrobe

The best way to start building a business wardrobe is to get one great suit, something that you feel terrific wearing, in a neutral color, that can be adapted by adding colors and mixing and matching with other wardrobe pieces.

Dress codes are often changing in today's work environment.

Wardrobe Propriety

 In a conservative work place, a suit is required. In a business appropriate environment, there's more flexibility. It's a tailored look, but taking that suit jacket and wearing it with a colorful skirt, or taking the suit pants and wearing it with a sweater set.

Business Casual

Business casual does not mean weekend clothes. Fit is important, quality is important especially attention to details, good shoes, good belt, good bag and tailored clothes. This is important even in a casual work environment.

Business Wardrobe Organization

It is as important to strategize your business wardrobe as it is to strategize a good business presentation. First assess your business wardrobe. Get into your closet. What do you have? Take all of your business clothes and hang them in a specific area of your closet, plan out your day the night before. Look at your clothes. Think about what you're doing the next day. Pull out that outfit, try it on to see if it still fits if you haven't worn it in a while. These kind of things will help you to be prepared at all times to look your best on the job.

The biggest mistake you can make is not taking your business wardrobe seriously. Consider yourself the brand and your clothes the packaging.
This is Kim Johnson Gross About Style."