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quinta-feira, 26 de setembro de 2013

Inspiration Leads to Originality


Those kind of things, words, sensations, smells, images that drives you through creativity.

I may say that inspiration lead to originality.

You get it, inspired, by the things that are an extend of your personality.

So, someone can get your temper by observing your choices of anything.

What about that?

I get inspired by a lot of stuff, since clothes, to colors, sounds, weather, hour of the day, day, night, so on, so on. I'm blessed to be such open mind about the World, about Life.

The pursuit for the inspiration to apply it on my own, is a every day path to walk.

Here I leave you some images that inspire me.

Check it!

The World Shape
by Pf

I Get Inspired ||Hippie Way & Colours

I Get Inspired ||Ethnic

I Get Inspired ||Ethnic

I Get Inspired ||Boho Chic Look

I Get Inspired || Workout

I Get Inspired ||Clutch

I Get Inspired || Travel

I Get Inspired ||Big Cities

I Get Inspired ||Heroes

I Get Inspired ||Hollywood

I Get Inspired ||Space

I Get Inspired ||Space