terça-feira, 25 de agosto de 2015

She Is Sara Sampaio

Sara Sampaio, portuguese topmodel is now a Victoria's Secret Angel. She really deserves her wings because of her pure beauty and talent. 

Since her start as a model for the brand Pantene, she always knew how to run a path that took her to bigger dreams and achievements. She's intelligent and beautiful, she's determined to her goals, she's nice and polite to her fans, she's dedicated to her work and very professional.

What else? It's our beautiful wing, Sara Sampaio! And Portugal feels proud of her :) Well done, Sara! 

As Iam a big fan since the first times, I leave you here her link at Central Models and the link for her Instagram for you get know her work better!

Don't forget to see her video for the National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative and her video for Victoria's Secret Train With 

I really love this video because I really like Charlotte Tilbury Make Up and this collaboration couldn't be better, take a look!


Paula Cristina Franco

VS Angel Sara Sampaio

VS Angel Sara Sampaio on her USA Tour

VS Angel Sara Sampaio at Cannes Festival