segunda-feira, 28 de março de 2016

My Favorite Poem || The Revenant

The Revenant is the most beautiful poem I ever felt. 

Through those 156 minutes I saw, I lived, I was embraced by a lifetime film experience. 

I read the book by Michael Punke some months before and even when I was reading it, I was deeply touched by the extraordinary story of Hugh Glass and those men. 

When I finished reading, I was sure that only brilliant actors as Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy could perform Glass and Fitzgerald. 

I was anxious to see the film. But after, when I saw the film on theatre, I was out of my mind. 

It went beyond my expectations. 

I wasn't ready for such beauty and powerful images, sounds, costumes, music and above all, performances. 

I can't describe what I felt watching the film but in the end, as I was leaving the theatre, I felt I left my heart in those landscapes. 

So, thank you Mr. Alejandro G. Inarritu for your vision, thank you Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio for touching my heart and thank you Mr. Tom Hardy for, once again, you transcend yourself. But also to Will Poulter, to Domhnall Gleeson, to all the cast and with a special and deep thank you to all actors that performed the indigenous people and showed us one more time the deep wisdom and beautiful way of living and facing life. 

The Revenant took my heart. 

Time will pass by but it will remain forever as my favorite poem because it was made by visionary poets.