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quinta-feira, 30 de junho de 2016

Crazy Old Days, Great New Days #GnFnR

They started long ago, in 1985, and they set the world on fire.

Those were wild and crazy years that changed music, inspired people and borders were broken.

And then, they had their personal journey because that's the way life is, and they were apart from each other and away from us, the fans.

2016 brought them back again.

I guess the Universe conspired to make that happen.

The fans, the real ones, don't need to know the why's or the but's or whatever other people talk about, we just need to know their back and we are ready for them.

Personally, it was about time :)

Love them. Grew up with them. Pretty sure, I'm gonna love them forever.

The Not In This Lifetime Tour in USA is started and GN'R have a world waiting for them.

Now, they aren't kids making History.

They're men showing to the world how you make real music, how it is a real rock band.

Well, I guess they are men making and changing History, again.

Humbly, I say Thank You and welcome back GN'R.

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Not In This Lifetime Tour

Not In This Lifetime Tour

Not In This Lifetime Tour

Not In This Lifetime Tour

Not In This Lifetime Tour

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