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Contemporary Visionary Art

Visionary art is art that purports to transcend the physical world and portray a wider vision of awareness including spiritual or mystical themes.

 SymbolismSurrealism and Psychedelic art are also direct precursors to contemporary visionary art. 

The Vienna School of Fantastic Realism, first established in 1946, is considered to be an important technical and philosophical catalyst in its strong influence upon contemporary visionary art.


Farid Rueda is a painter and street artist from Xochimilco, México. After studying at the Mexican National School for Visual Art Farid met the artist Seher and began his career in street art.

Farid uses his unique style of kaleidoscopic color to paint vibrant and detailed creatures of Mexican folklore while exploring themes of nature and spirituality.


  The name Mugwort derives from the plant Mugwort Artemisia, a herb used since ancient times to enhance lucid dreaming and astral projection.

 This artist explores a multitude of artistic approaches and mediums; from digital painting, illustration, large scale installations and live audio visual performance.

 Much of his gallery work is thematically centered on transformation, archetypal forces, shifting paradigms, animals and shamanic symbolism.

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Nathalia Gallego (GLeo) was born and raised in Cali, Colombia and expresses her vision through colorful illustrations, oil paintings and murals in South America and Europe.

Her work blends the legends and worldview of Colombian culture in presenting masked magical beings expressing their essence through deep glances. GLEO finds mural walls to be the perfect frames in which to unfold diverse shapes and colours based on submarine worlds, characters of legend and portals of magic. Her work symbolizes the power and wisdom of indigenous cultures around the globe.


Lyons, Colorado born Independent Artist Android Jones began studying art at age 8. He attended the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota FL, where he trained in traditional academic drawing/painting and animation.

Best described as a “digital painter,” Jones has created an immense body of work. He has become well known for his many layered, psychedelic works and live performances using a custom built digital set up. 

At the center of Jones’ work is spirituality and altered states of consciousness. Describing his work as Electro-Mineralism, Jones attributes his ability to create to the wonders of technology, crediting the planet’s resources for advancements in art production. 

Manipulating light and energy, Android Jones captures complex concepts while utilizing his formal background in the arts. Described as a digital alchemist, he is determined to alter the viewer’s perception, pushing the boundaries of the imagination through the use of innovative media forms.

Luke Brown Spectraleyes is an intrepid explorer, part of a new generation of visionaries recontructing the templates of culture as we know it. His art speaks of the spiritual mysteries in the human imagination.

Mystical experiences, dreams, medicine journeys, and channelled lucid dialogues with the source of creativity itself, seem to guide and be guided by the colourful symmetries and living surfaces of his art. Much of his work emerges from a graceful synthesis of digital and painting mediums. Developing his work through mix and remix technologies, Luke is constantly redefining his style as a spiritual medium for growth.

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