segunda-feira, 20 de março de 2017

Lost Paradise, the days of the dreamers, the seekers, the explorers

Lost Paradise - the days of the dreamers, 
the seekers, the explorers

you were sand & dust
burning our skin with a 
powerfuk sun
we dance,
the tribal dance,
we set our soul free,
we were free,
we were freedom seekers,
peace keepers,
day dreamers,
night explorers,
travelers of endless roads,
we were free,
and we danced,
we danced,
under the stars,
under the sun,
around the moonlight,
we loved, we were born,
we were happy, my love,
we were endlessly happy.

Paula Cristina Franco

Children Of Tomorrow, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

Black Rock City, Burning Man

Black Rock City, Burning Man

Max Rockatansky, Mad Max The Fury Road