terça-feira, 28 de junho de 2011

It's All about Life


Going to the beach for a weekend afternoon walk with the three of us gave a new look for LOOKBOOK :)

Beach is fun, is freedom, is chilling, is peace of mind and getting free the body to run and play, specially if we take the beautiful and sweet Tamina with us :)

So, we packed some stuff and left home to go to Vagueira Beach to have fun!!! :)

It was hot, it was a great sun and we had the beach for us only!

So, everytime you can, you try to go to the beach to be close to the ocean... it gives you the good energy for get back to the battle of Life, in your studies or in your work - it's all we need!

And, of course, take the camera and you'll get fun and very cool pics! ;)

See you right back!

@ photo by João Marques - Vagueira Beach

@ photo by Paula Franco - my turn to take photo!

@ photo by João Marques - i do like so much this jeans and these colours :)

@ photo by João Marques - you can see this look on lookbook

@ photo by João Marques - i really like to wear my hair like this