quinta-feira, 19 de abril de 2012

Replay Laserblast - great commercial!

"It was a time of retribution, a present being punished for crimes of the past. A land ravaged and ruined by ignorance and conflict was wreaking a savage revenge on those unlucky enough to still be alive. 
Where rivers once ran, now wind tore sand from rocks that led to dead oceans. The sun's cruel glare burnt the last life from the world. Only those who kept it cool survived, for now.

But below the dust and despair, something was changing − not just to survive, but to grow.

Some believed it a miracle. Those, who in this new dark age had returned to ancient superstitions, called it witchcraft. Geeks called it science.

But the special few, who truly understood its power called it Laserblast. An awesome force that might just save the world...

Laserblast, where art and technology meet."