domingo, 31 de março de 2013

hard work for body & mind

Yes, it's time to hard work out! It's a way of life style, indeed, a necessity to our body and mind, but a way to deal with life itself.


Because we just feel good when the balance between physical and emotional is achieved.

So, get out of the sofa and enjoy your free time doing exercise, playing some sport you enjoy, in one word, MOVE! :)

And, for sure, don't forget to sleep well, drink a lot of water, drink tea and natural juices, eat fruit and vegetables and FOR SURE don't eat meat! That's a very clear true, avoid the meat and your body and mind will be much better. And, after all, is the respect for all living beings!

And, that's it, do it with style :) There are lots of so fashion clothes for you to exercise, there's no escuse to do it ;)

If you invent the 'time excuse', that's just an excuse, make your time organization. If the excuse is the weather, well, try a better one, you can do indoor, at a gym, at your home, or just go run when's raining, if you're a powerful woman ;)

Take a look at so much you win by doing exercise and keep that in mind ;)

Stay cool, stay in a shanti mood, keep alive :)



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