quarta-feira, 29 de maio de 2013

the time of thousands of thoughts

Sometimes we try to reach the impossible just because our heart tell us to go.

We know that the achievement is almost impossible to come true, but we still try.

I would like to keep living my life like that, being a believer.

Knowing that sometimes the sun doesn't shine in the morning and sometimes doesn't talk to us nomore.

Nevertheless, i want to keep being a believer in the sun and in the moon.

I'm not ready to stop believing.

I can't imagine the day after of the loosing faith.

The sun may burns, but i will always love the sun. and it may fall rain everyday that i will not forget my sun.

And in a moment of pain, we grown in strenght to do our purpose in this earth life.

And i will set the fire.

we could break the silence. but there are no words to be spoken. and after all, under the skin we are all the same.