terça-feira, 4 de março de 2014


#TWS #bohochic #inspiration

My favourite season is the one with the sun and warm weather.


Because I believe people are more happy and that happiness brings more freedom on the way they dress and lead us too to wear much more accessories.

Don't you agree?

TWS is preparing itself to a big leap on it short life, a new image, created to it. 

The bohemian spirit always was and is our brand, is the way we see life and live it.

I have to say thanks to all the people that supports us and give us the good vibes even when the sun doesn't shine and the rain is in. I feel blessed to have all you, dear followers and friends.

I'm waiting for the sunny days and warm weather, and because of that, I leave you here a selection of great inspirations pic to all of you.

Hope you like it and feel inspired in your days & nights.

Stay in touch with #TWS event, you can join it at New Image for The World Shape .

Thanks so much for your kindness to the TWS.

Stay in touch!

Lots of luv,