segunda-feira, 12 de fevereiro de 2018

Captured Hearts

Because the Temples happen in our mind and we see, feel, live with our mind and not with our bodies.

But you need to release yourself from your boundaries and see beyond not only reality but also your body.

You exist everywhere. You are everywhere.

You are like the wind, you never stop in one place, you’re always moving around. That’s your freedom.

You will never taste another freedom like this.

It’s not money, it’s not physical achievements. Real freedom happens when you transcend yourself, when your mind in no longer attached to a brain, or head or even needs a body.

If you really want to see this reality, what are you willy to do?

You need to, inside your heart, really want to be free. Because there’s no turning back.

So the question is, do you want to be free?

Or, are you ready to be free?

Do you know what means to be free?

After you’re free there’s no excuse to some actions or decisions. 

You need to be ready to take responsibility on your actions because when you’re free, it’s your call.

Whatever you decided, the worlds spins around every heartbeat walking on Earth.

You're not important except to yourself.

P.C. Franco 

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